Online lecture series

Online lecture series of Ejo-Connect Germany - the young team of the partnership
"Ejo in the RLP/Rwanda partnership: we look today at yesterday and tomorrow" was the motto under which Ejo-Connect organized a four-part online lecture series from August to November 2020.
As a young team of the partnership, we see ourselves as a network of young people who want to connect youth and actively shape the future of the partnership. The Kinyarwanda word "Ejo" means both "yesterday" and "tomorrow". So on the one hand we would like to take a look at what has already been achieved in the partnership, but also bring in the topics of tomorrow.
For this reason, it was a great concern for us to design this series of lectures with a focus on (post-) colonialism in order to draw attention to topics that are omnipresent in development cooperation as well as in our everyday life.

The following presentations have taken place:
27.08.2020 "Effects of Colonialism" - Referentin Fabienne Piétron of ebasa e.V. from Mainz
24.09.2020 "Who benefits from development cooperation?" - Dr. Boniface Mabanza
Bambu from the Church Office for Southern Africa at Welthaus Heidelberg
26.10.2020 "partnership at eye level" Carolin Philipp from glokal e.V.
27.11.2020 “Racism in our everyday-life. We need to start looking into our own court.” -Jacqueline Mayen, project manager of AfroPolitan from Berlin
The events were well "attended" with up to 35 participants from young to old. On 21.01.2021, together with the youth coordinator Karin Sahinkuye from Haus Wasserburg, who also actively supported us in the preparation and implementation of the lecture series together with Salvatore Mele from the MdI, we organized another online event for follow-up in order to record important findings for the design of the partnership work. Our conclusion: We learned a lot from all the lectures and got great new impulses! The event was financed in part with funds from Engagement Global. More information on our Facebook page: