Educational work

We regularly plan seminars on various topics and for different target groups. In this way, we make a contribution to educational work.

Webinar SDGs - Have you ever heard of the SDGs?
On Sunday, 03.05.2020 at 13-15 Ejo-Connect organized with the help of Salvatore Mele our first webinar! Salvatore Mele gave us a good overview with a lot of background information about the SDGs, the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Afterwards, there was still a lively discussion.

Preparing a Rwandan school for their encounter trip to Germany.
In April 2018, we participated in raising awareness of German schools before their encounter trips. This year, Ejo-Connect was able to get involved in preparing a Rwandan school for their trip to Germany! The two-hour workshop was planned and implemented in cooperation with the Jumelage Office in Kigali. Beforehand, Ejo-Connectler had been asked which advice they would like to give to Rwandans flying to Germany for the first time. Our Rwandan members also explained what surprised them the most when they came to Germany for the first time. The results and insights from these answers were incorporated into the preparation. On 4/24/2019, the day of their departure to Frankfurt, the school (G.S Byumba Catholique) arrived at the Jumelage Office in Kigali. Ejo-Connect was represented by two members who are currently in Rwanda. Together we worked on expectations and fears, gave advice for the plane, talked about rules of conduct... We enjoyed the workshop very much! First, we had expected more time, but we hope that the already prepared elements can be used for future preparations of Rwandans for their stays in Germany.

Reflective school exchange at eye level
On 20.04.2018 our youth workshop on the topic "Reflective school exchange at eye level" took place. With us were 36 participants from 7 schools from Rhineland-Palatinate who are planning a trip to the partner country Rwanda. The aim of the one-day event was to prepare students and teachers for the exchange trips, to sensitize them to critical thinking about racism and to encourage them to question their own images. The participants should serve as multipliers and carry the discussed contents into their Rwanda clubs and schools. After a welcome and some games to get to know each other, the day started with an exciting lecture by Barbara Scharfbillig (Promotorin für internationale Partnerschaft-Kolping Bildungswerk Trier). After lunch, the students worked out in small groups given situations that can happen during an exchange and can possibly lead to irritations. The teachers also got together in a group to exchange ideas about the challenges of an exchange trip. The work of the small groups was then presented in the plenary session.

We were very pleased with the subsequent feedback, which was very positive! As a conclusion we take with us that the workshop really took a lot of preparation time, but was a complete success!
The workshop was a cooperation of Ejo-Connect, the partnership association, the further education center Ingelheim, the Kolping Bildungswerk Trier and the Ministry of the Interior and Sports of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Preparation of German volunteers
In the framework of the Weltwärts program (the developmental volunteer service, which is funded by the BMZ), every year some volunteers travel to Rwanda (and vice versa) to work in a social or ecological project for 12 months. This program is carried out, among others, by Volunta gGmbH (a company of the DRK in Hesse) as a sending organization. Due to the close cooperation between the partnership association and Volunta, members of Ejo-connect took over the "country studies" a few times so far to prepare the prospective volunteers for everyday situations in Rwanda that might seem unfamiliar to them in their new environment. We talk to them about "do's" and "don'ts" and want to teach them intercultural skills to make beautiful encounters at eye level possible. If you would like to request us as speakers, please feel free to contact us!